Friday, August 7, 2015

My Doll Stories

Hey everyone! This is a different type of post! I thought I'd tell you all of the stories of my dolls. Okay, so I'll be telling you about Julie, Amanda, Saige, Isabelle and Mckenna. I'll also be introducing (and out-troducing) Katie. You'll see! (Oh yeah! and my Bitty Baby Emily!)

Okay, so let me go in chronological order!


So, when I was somewhere around 6, it was Christmas time and I didn't really ask for anything. I had tons of baby-dolls (and still do) and wasn't really asking for anything at all. (I don't think I knew I was supposed to! XD) So when Christmas morning came, we all lined up (me and my siblings) youngest to oldest like every year and so I was in front. When my mom gave the "okay" we went in the living room and I was SUPER excited! I see a baby doll, a crib, a highchair and TONS of little stuff! I probably screamed my head off I was SO excited! Not exactly because of the doll but because of the crib, highchair, etc. So that's about it. I named her Emily just because I really liked that name and I had a friend named Emma at the time so that was her nickname. I still have her but she (along with my other baby dolls) somehow ended up in our attic. And it's really hard to get to but I'll introduce you to all of them (with pictures) when and if I'm able to!


Okay, so, the next Christmas, once again not asking, we get lined up, I'm surprised and I scream! Except this time it was an Our Generation doll. Her original name is Katelyn and she's the ice skater. I didn't like the name Katelyn so I called her Katie! I LOVED HER! I even tried to put lip gloss on her a few times! (but I was so scared it would look bad I took it off right away! XD) I was around 7 so I didn't know how to take care of hair yet, so it was HORRIBLE! (just think of Julie's but like, 10 times worse!!!!!) The next year, I got Julie. (more on her later) So then, skip ahead about one more year,(or two) I had a friend over and her two sisters (we had to watch them before their mom got home from work). We were playing with my dolls (my friend and her sister, one year older than us.) and her sister asked if she could trim Katie's split ends and I was like, "Sure." I know your thinking that was a bad idea but it turned out REALLY good! I could tell my friend REALLY liked my dolls. She had two of her own, one OG and one REALLY old AG Kirsten with bad hair. When it came to Christmas time, her family was going through a hard time so I knew she wouldn't really have a big Christmas. So, even though I didn't even ask for a doll that year, but I WAS asking for things, I decided to give her Katie. This was BIG for me. I was being a VERY brave 8/9 year old. My friend was coming over during winter break so I had Katie all wrapped up, looking her best, in a cute outfit and her hair was done and when she got there I said Merry Christmas! And gave it to her! She was SUPER grateful and it was an AMAZING(!) feeling! So yeah, that was Katie!       

I'll do my AG dolls tomorrow!

See ya guys!


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