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Hi! Welcome to the "About Us" page. It will tell you a little bit more about us. I will try to update it frequently. First of all, when I say "us," I mean me and my dolls.

Okay, so a little bit about me.
Name: I cannot give out my name so I will call myself ag-awsomeness. This is the same name I gave myself on my other blog.   *NOTE* This is NOT like a username on youtube or something like that!
Location: I live in the South but that is all I can say for personal reasons.
Fav. Color: Blue
Fav. Food: Mashed Potatoes (homemade) 
Fav. Candy: Sour Patch Kids
Hobby(s): reading, playing piano, playing dolls, sewing, knitting, & crafting. : D
Dolls: Julie Albright (historical NOT BeForever), McKenna Brooks (GOTY 2012), Amanda James (MAG), Saige Copeland (GOTY 2013), and finally, Isabelle Palmer (GOTY 2014).
 That's just about it. If you wish to know more, comment down below with your question.

So, sometimes the girls kind of take over. So here's a few things to know about them.
(ALL birthdays and middle names are made up : D)

Full Name: Julie Jubillee Albright
Home Town: San Fransisco
Pet: Sport (puppy)
Fav. Color: Rainbow!!
Fav. Food: Chinese
Nickname: Jules
Birthday: June 16
Fun Fact: My best friend is from China!

Full Name: McKenna Sarah Brooks
Home Town: Seattle
Pet: Cooper (puppy)
Fav. Color: Purple
Fav. Food: Spaghetti
Nickname: 'Kenna
Birthday: November 9
Fun Fact: I actually do ballet along with gymnastics.

Full Name: Amanda Kimberly James
Home Town: New York City
Pet: Meatloaf
Fav. Color: Blue
Fav. Food: Chicken Alfredo
Nickname(s): Amandie, 'Manda, Mandie
Birthday: March 2
Fun Fact: I have the same birthday as Ted Geisel or as you might know him, Dr. Seuss!

Full Name: Saige Olivia Copeland
Home Town: New Mexico
Pet(s): Spot (puppy), Snowflake (horse)
Fav. Color: Anything but Beige!
Fav. Food: Tacos
Nickname: ?????? (comment below any ideas!!)
Birthday: October 8
Fun Fact: Even though we aren't the best of friends in my movie, Dylan is one of my best friends!

Full Name: Isabelle Madie Palmer
Home Town: Washington D.C. (or is it state? Please correct me in the comments if I'm wrong!)
Pet: Coconut (original version)
Fav. Color: Pink!!!
Fav. Food: Fried Chicken
Nickname(s): Izzy, Izzybelle, Belle, Bella
Birthday: December 10
Fun Fact: We may be the two youngest, but Amandie and I usually take charge!

That's all! I'll try to keep this page updated but if that doesn't work out, bare with me! Between school, church, practicing piano, and everything else (!), it's hard enough to try to run a blog too! Much less update it. If you want to know anything else, comment down below and I will try to answer!   -ag-awsomeness

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