Friday, June 26, 2015

Back From a Trip

Hey guys! Sorry I didn't post for about a week, I was in Tennessee! I got a few doll-sized finds I need to share with you! Hopefully those pictures will be up soon!

UNT (Until Next Time)         -agawesomeness!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Collage I Made!

Hi doll fans! I made this collage (and my header) on It's AMAZING and FREE!!!!!!
I.   LOVE.  IT!!!

This actually used to be my header (for all you newcomers) but it was WAY TOO BIG!!

More collages to come hopefully!


P.S. I'm quitting my other blog and just putting updates on here. It's just easier that way! XD

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sisterly Love NEVER Ends!

This is a cute photo-story about how no matter what sisters stick together.
Saige: Hey guys! back from shopping!

McKenna: Sshh!!               Saige:Sorry!    

McKenna:OH I'll just pause it!
Saige:So, what are we watching?          Amanda:Molly.
McKenna:NOW, back to our feature presentation!!
                                  1 Hour and 30 Minutes Later!!!
ALL: Oh! That was good!
*McKenna moves chair.*

McKenna:So, what'd you get?           Saige:Look.

Amanda:OOOHHHH!!   McKenna:Hey! What else is in there?



Amanda:Jules will LOVE these!

McKenna:Cute purse!

Amanda:Do these look good on me?

BOTH:   THAT'S IT!!!!??????!!!!!????

Saige:Well ssoooorrryyy. Do you know how hard that was to find stuff you guys like?



(MEANWHILE)        McKenna: WAIT!!

Amanda: SAIGE!!!!

Amanda: Look Saige, we're sorry. We were only thinking of our selves and not how hard that would be.       Saige: That's okay guys, you didn't mean to.

McKenna:Let's just go back inside now!

ALL THINKING: Man these doors are hard to close!

I hope you guys enjoyed my first photostory! I actually took these pictures about two years ago in 2013! XD 

See you guys next time!     -agawesomeness!

AGPS Part 2

Here's Part 2! ENJOY!

                                      (The kind of look like they're inn jail but
                                             it's just my railing XD)

                                      Sorry you can only see like half of her face! XD

All of them!!!!!!

Sorry this was SO long!
I would've done a part three if I had had any more pictures!!!

C U nxt tme!     -agawesomeness!