Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sisterly Love NEVER Ends!

This is a cute photo-story about how no matter what sisters stick together.
Saige: Hey guys! back from shopping!

McKenna: Sshh!!               Saige:Sorry!    

McKenna:OH I'll just pause it!
Saige:So, what are we watching?          Amanda:Molly.
McKenna:NOW, back to our feature presentation!!
                                  1 Hour and 30 Minutes Later!!!
ALL: Oh! That was good!
*McKenna moves chair.*

McKenna:So, what'd you get?           Saige:Look.

Amanda:OOOHHHH!!   McKenna:Hey! What else is in there?



Amanda:Jules will LOVE these!

McKenna:Cute purse!

Amanda:Do these look good on me?

BOTH:   THAT'S IT!!!!??????!!!!!????

Saige:Well ssoooorrryyy. Do you know how hard that was to find stuff you guys like?



(MEANWHILE)        McKenna: WAIT!!

Amanda: SAIGE!!!!

Amanda: Look Saige, we're sorry. We were only thinking of our selves and not how hard that would be.       Saige: That's okay guys, you didn't mean to.

McKenna:Let's just go back inside now!

ALL THINKING: Man these doors are hard to close!

I hope you guys enjoyed my first photostory! I actually took these pictures about two years ago in 2013! XD 

See you guys next time!     -agawesomeness!

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