Sunday, December 15, 2013

About "My Doll Upgrades"

        I know that in my first post I didn't tell you much about the blog. The whole point of it is to show girls how to make things for her 18" dolls. I've made a lot of things for mine but am just now making this blog. I've made many things including a bunk bed, a couch and much more! But unfortunately I'm not sure I can show you how to make them. Fortunately I think of something to make just about everyday!
        My current dolls are: Julie, McKenna, Amanda (a just like me doll), and Saige.
They will be helping me throughout each post like I said in my first post. I can't wait to show you all my ideas!                  


Monday, November 25, 2013

Art @ American Girl

Hi doll fans! I know that this is a weird first post but I just got Saige's Paint Set. Here are some photos close up. By the way about the doll in the pictures, she's my just like me doll. In every post I'll have a doll to help me.

                                                       This is the box it came in.

This is what's included.
Sorry I couldn't show you how well it was packed but it was very well handled.
Anyway, this is the easel.
These are the paint tubes.
The paint brushes have real bristles for the real feel.
This is the cup to put the brushes in.
This is how you hook on the cup.


The painter's palette.

  • The sketchbook.
Saige's art portfolio.
This is what Saige "drew" in her portfolio.
The paintings.

Everything in the end! (except the easel)
                                               Fun Facts:
                                                     I really only have one fun fact: Amanda's all dressed up because she  was in an art interview earlier today! She's the artist of the year! :) (in the dollworld) :)