Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Own Business!

I'm really happy because, since last week, I started a business with one of my best friends; we call it La-Ree Petite Bakery. We've made a LOT of money so far! We even got in the local paper! We got the idea from the AG Grace movie. We watched it when she spent the night at my house and we just HAD to bake afterwards! We wanted it to be like her pastry cart but it's just a card table. I live in a smaller town and we don't really have a bakery (we used to have a cupcakery) so we get all the customers! Now I can save up for some AG stuff! So far I have about $44 left over after I tithed and bought my own ingredients! I wish I could say where I live so that if you live near me you could stop by if you wanted. :(


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